DocsGenie - empowers your business's document processes with intelligent, aesthetically pleasing, and functional software.

What we are about

DocsGenie operates with a clear and straightforward objective: to enhance, refine, and automate a multitude of business processes. These improvements encompass electronic document signing to expedite response times, as well as the automation of various document-related tasks and more.

Though the objective is simple in concept, its execution is often challenging. Nevertheless, we invest substantial effort, time, and resources to achieve this aim.

The founding team boasts a background in business and a firsthand familiarity with the unwieldy tools characterized by complicated interfaces. These tools are often persisted with due to a lack of better alternatives, absence of alternatives altogether, or ongoing contractual commitments.

We empathize with this predicament.

In stark contrast to these experiences, DocsGenie is crafting an entirely different approach. We recognize that user-unfriendly software tends to be unused software. We acknowledge that your expectations are clear and it is our responsibility to fulfill them.

We understand this.

Consequently, our products are meticulously designed to bridge the gap between functionality and user-friendliness. If software is not intuitive and if it fails to enhance work processes, we consider it a failure on our part.

Our intention is not to falter.

Given the growing number of individuals who continue to rely on DocsGenie, it seems we are making significant strides in the right direction.

The brains behind it all

At DocsGenie, our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing document automation is driven by the collective brilliance of our dedicated team. Comprising experts from diverse fields such as software development, artificial intelligence, and business process optimization, our team embodies a synergy of skillsets that forms the bedrock of our success. Led by visionary leaders who bring decades of experience to the table, our team is united by a shared passion for simplifying complex processes and delivering tailored solutions. With a culture that fosters innovation and collaboration, every member of the DocsGenie team contributes their unique perspective, expertise, and creativity, ensuring that our products continually exceed expectations.

Assembled from various corners of the tech industry, our team isn’t just about technical prowess. It’s about the fusion of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and forward-looking strategists. This diverse mix fuels our drive to anticipate industry trends, anticipate user needs, and transform complex document challenges into elegant, automated solutions. The passion and dedication of each team member at DocsGenie are the driving forces that enable us to consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of document automation. Our team is not only the brains behind our innovations but also the heart that powers the seamless experience our clients rely on.

Our core values


The world and relationships are complex enough. We want to make it just a bit easier to do work that matters.


You can figure out anything if you listen deeply enough. So, we listen twice as much as we talk and use those insights to build great products.


We launch projects, solutions, and features quickly and often. The only goal is to better serve our customers.


We don't think there are bad ideas - just ideas that are underdeveloped. We come up with ideas and test them quickly so you can get a better product.


We document our wins as well as our losses so we can create systems that are repeatable and useful for you and us.